Adhering to Superment Judgement Kerala police confirmed that a 46-year-old Sri Lankan woman offered prayers at the sanctum in Sabarimala temple on late Thursday.
Police inside sources confirmed plainclothes officers, including women, gave Ms. Sasikala and her family covert security.
The squads, however, did not make their presence or the security cover visible.
The police said the woman had booked her darshan time in advance. Ms Sasikala and her family had used the electronic queue system devised by the police and had sent her age-related records early. 

According to Police source the woman who climbed first the Holy 18 steps as Sasikala, daughter of Asok Kumaran, who holds a Sri Lankan passport. Her passport gave her date of birth as December 3, 1972.
Officers confirmed Ms. Sasikala had walked up the “18 Holy Steps” without any hindrance and offered her prayers at the sanctum.
Also sasikala’s relatives accompanied her. “Sasikala and her relatives finished her darshan at around 9.30 p.m. and reached Pampa safely by 11 p.m,” sources confirmed
However the workers of the Sabarimala Karma Samathi (SKS), the hindutva backward fringe element outfit spearheading the protests against women of menstruating age entering the temple, have turned back a woman, identified as Deepa, midway at Marakootam on the 4 km uphill trek to Sabarimala temple.