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Muslim man was mercilessly beaten to death by a mob of 300 in Bihar

55 year old Muslim man was mercilessly beaten to death by a mob of around 300 in Bihar’s Araria district.
Kabul Miyan was kicked in the face, hit with sticks and repeatedly called chor (thief), show a couple of videos shot by attackers on their mobile phones.
The attackers encouraged each other to continue thrashing the man. They even removed the victim’s pants as they rained blows on him.
Old man’s pleas and defense failed to move the mob that didn’t take a break until their victim lay lifeless on the ground.
In the video, Kabul Miyan, a former village head, in his broken voice, can be heard telling the mob he has no reasons to steal anyone’s cattle.
The incident took place on December 29 in Simarbani village, about 300 km from Patna. Bihar is Governed  by JDS BJP Combo a post poll alliance  created after one year of election . 
The police came to know about the mob violence two days later, after the videos went viral in the area. While the faces of some of the attackers are visible in the videos, the police are yet to arrest any of them. 
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