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Enforcement raids DMK MP Gautham residence frozen assets worth Rs 8.6 crores

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued an order for seizing assets worth about Rs 8.6 crore of DMK MP Gautham Sigamani for alleged contravention of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), the agency said on Friday.   Under the  section of the FEMA, the ED is empowered to seize assets in India whose value is Read More…

Mumbai Court order FIR against Kangana for her habitual execration tweets seeding enimity

BJP Centre govt stand of ZERO quota to OBC angers Political parties in TN

TRP Scam , 200cr defamation case , Bollywood Complaints put Arnab entangled in to legal mess

Live update COVID-19 from SPLCO

Reliance Ambani , Gautam Adani face farmers heat in Punjab

Farmers Protests against the newly enacted farm laws have taken an anti-Ambani and anti-Adani turn in Punjab.   In what is being seen as the first peasantry movement against corporate firms in the post liberalisation era, Led by a committee comprising 31 farm organisations, farmers have captured Reliance petrol pumps at many places, started a Read More…

Groundnut crop failure Cooperative bank lending woes affects 30000 acres Kuruvai cultivation laments farmers

Congress and Non NDA state Governments preparing for assembly law route to stop Farmer bill 2020

BJP Centre govt stand of ZERO quota to OBC angers Political parties in TN

In the ongoing legal tussle for the OBC reservation, the Centre replied to the SC that it is neither possible to implement 50pc nor 27pc of OBC reservation for the current academic year.   Earllier, the Tamil Nadu government and various political parties representing the State had appealed the apex court to direct the Centre, Read More…

Sack Vice Chancellor Surappa and Save Anna University DMK takes war path

Reliance Ambani , Gautam Adani face farmers heat in Punjab

Trump hits out at Russia India China for air pollution in Election rally

US President Donald Trump has blamed China, Russia and India for adding to the global air pollution and asserted that his country America has the best environmental numbers.   Speaking to his cheering supporters at an elections rally in the key battleground State of North Carolina on Thursday, Trump said .,   “We have the Read More…

Hyderabad worst affected by 200mm incessant rain 19 died so far

Incessant 27.5 cms heavy overnight rain in Mumbai suspended bus rail services