Not only even after 21 Opposition parties in India scaled down from their earlier demand of 50% to 25% .,  EC adamant and aggressive stand not to count more than 2% of VVPATs in the coming Lok Sabha 2019  elections but also  Shifting of EVMs from Coimbatore had stirred controversy on Tuesday night after Opposition alleged foul play raised eyebrows of Indian Voting Population .
Angry  DMK cadres marched into the office and demanded an explanation for the shifting. The Tamil Nadu CEO, however, claimed that shifting of EVMs was a normal process.
The Tamil Nadu CEO also added that officials were following the Election Commission’s orders. “This is normal and as per the assessment of requirement in case of repoll.
EVM machines have been moved to Theni and Erode. These EVMs may be put to use if repoll is ordered in any booth. Fifty ballot units have been shifted to Theni from Coimbatore,” TN CEO Satyabrata Sahoo had told reporters. The DMK has asked for these shifted EVMs and VVPATs to be kept in strongrooms.
But for the below questions
1) Why for 10 booth repoll why more than 50 machines been called for ..
2) When no complaint from Opposition came what made even after 20 dates of polling sudden shift of EVMs that also during night ..
EC officials silence makes things even murkier .It is to be noted that post election in Madurai Constituency during last week of April it was found four government officials inclusive of data entry operation found inside EVM strong room where ballots been kept . During night more than 4 hours they are inside the strong room reported local news agencies .
It is only then Opposition Communist candidate approached High-court and then court ordered the Returning office in Madurai to be transferred also the four persons who entered strong room for four hours suspended in the process
In Karur Constituency tamilnadu where Congress women candidate Jothimani has alleged the CCTV camera timings in strong room found tampered .
A day after opposition parties held a protest outside the Theni Thalisdhar’s office over shifting of electronic voting machines (EVMs) from Coimbatore, the DMK on Wednesday asked the Election Commission for clarification on the “suspicious movements”.
In a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner and Tamil Nadu chief electoral officer, DMK MP RS Bharathi asked the poll body about the sudden movement of EVMs and VVPATs to Theni and Erode.
The DMK leader also requested the EC not to allow similar movements without informing political parties or representatives in the area.