After Raja Simman of Tirupur, obtained a direction from a magistrate court Thousand Lights police booked Thousand Lights all-women police inspector Gnanaselvam, and two women Umarani and KM Vishnupriya
The case dated back to 2018 when he had registered in a matrimonial site looking for a divorcee and was introduced to Vishnupriya from Hyderabad.
But Raja Simman later came to know that Vishnupriya had not divorced but was living with her husband and two children.
After made know of the true facts Raja Simman then snapped contacts with her.
In 2019, he met Umarani from Chennai for a travel business and bought two cars for the business.
However, he fell out with as Umarani for not sharing profits. But Umarani kept the cars and also taken his phone.
According to Naidu, Vishnupriya got in touch with Umarani and together they hatched a plan to extort him.
Then both together made a complaint and based on their complaint, Gnanaselvam secured Raja Simman from Srirangam in January 2020.
The Police official took Rs 5 lakh from Raja Simman to close the 2 women complaint, and then demanded more money for the two women also .
After Raja Simman refused to part the money , He was remanded in custody in the case.
Naidu alleged that valuables worth Rs 8 lakh seized from him during arrest were not returned when he was released on bail.
Instead, he was asked to book flight tickets for the inspector’s family from Chennai to Thiruvananthapuram.
Even after given complain to Commisioner office and repeated reminders complaints went unattended and the city after he found the city commissioner could not cognisance any action against the inspector, he then moved the court and received direction to register a case against them.