A complaint against Dr Shanmugam, who is in government service, was filed on July 11 at the Adambakkam Police Station here by the 62 year old widow’s relative Balaji Vijayaraghavan.
The 62-year-old woman has been living alone in her apartment for the last year following her husband’s death.
62-year-old widow, who is living alone in her apartment here, has accused ABVP National President Dr Subbiah Shanmugam of harassing her, including urinating outside her house, following an argument over a parking slot.
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Dr Shanmugam and the woman were living in the same apartment complex in Nanganallur and an argument broke between them over a parking slot.
“He wanted to use our parking lot. We agreed but demanded a nominal charge for using it.
He was outraged by our demand and even broke our signboard at the parking lot,” Vijayaraghavan wrote in his complaint.
He also alleged that Dr Shanmugam began harassing her by throwing “pieces of chicken” outside her apartment despite knowing she is a vegetarian.
Vijayaraghavan also alleged in his two-page written complaint that the ABVP National President had urinated outside the woman’s apartment gate and had been throwing garbage and used masks at her gate.
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In his complaint, Vijayaraghavan also said the family was “concerned about her safety”, while asking police to take action against Dr Shanmugam, who he says, “has a bad track record in maintaining rapport with neighbours.
” CCTV footage corroborates with the allegations of urinating outside the residence of the widow.
However, the ABVP called the incident as “malicious and derogatory propaganda” by the Congress’ student wing of NSUI.
“The video shared by NSUI with an allegation of harassment is tampered with and is being used with mala fide intentions.
The two families have discussed this within their housing society and have already concluded that the harassment allegations were caused due to misunderstandings and are untrue,” ABVP National General secretary Nidhi Tripathi said.
Given the power centric RSS in India under Modi led BJP government , ABVP being an arm of powerful Hindutva wing who got proximity with  Ruling establishments till now  no action has been taken so far laments 62 year old women and this resulted social media hashtag #ShameOnABVP went viral 
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