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“RSS a snake winding itself around the Sikh community” Sikh preacher in his Suicide note

Sant Baba Ram Singh renowned Sikh preacher who shot himself before suicide at Singhu border had purportedly written a letter prior to his suicide note that has been recovered from the Nanaksar Thath Gurdwara in Karnal, Haryana, which he headed.
In the letter, Singh is said to have vociferously attacked the BJP and the RSS not only for the plight of the agitating farmers, but for trying to “finish the entire Sikh community and the Sikh race”.
He called the RSS a “snake winding itself around the Sikh community”
Sonepat’s Senior Superintendent of Police J.S. Randhawa confirmed the recovery of the letter mentioned in the suicide note.
SSP Randhawa said of the letter: “The suicide note was one page long, while this letter is about 10 pages long.
The suicide note was written on 16 December but this was written on 14 December.”
An associate of the deceased preacher read out the letter at the preacher’s funeral: “The RSS has resolved to end the Sikh community and the Sikh race. The Sikh community has always been under attack and is still being attacked. Some Sikhs themselves have become their sycophants.
It is a shame that they are working for the RSS some for the sake of power, some for the sake of money, and others by force. The RSS is winding itself around the Sikhs like a snake.”
In the suicide note, written in Gurmukhi, the preacher had said: “I saw the anguish of the farmers. They are suffering on the roads to get their rights.
My heart was very pained at this. The government is not doing justice. This is injustice. Oppressing someone is a sin; tolerating oppression is also a sin.
People have shown their solidarity with the farmers, and their anger against this injustice, in various ways. Some have returned their awards to express their anger.
I am taking my life in support of the farmers, and against the atrocities of the government. This is a voice against injustice. This is a voice in support of the hard-working farmers.”
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