The heart-wrenching incident occurred on May 25 (Monday) at Bihar’s Muzaffarpur railway station. 
Sources said that administrative officials at the station were informed immediately after the incident occurred. 
The coronavirus short 4 hrs notice by BJP led Modi Government for 21 days lockdown on march 25th that has been extended again and again until June 1st has triggered a massive movement of million of migrant workers who got stranded across the country who faced hunger and lack of proper housing decided to return to their native places.
Reports poured in  that several of migrants  died while on their way home either in road accidents or due to lack of proper food and water. 
Lot of video clip has surfaced which shows the plight of migrant workers returning from other states. But this video shows a 2 year old child pulling a blanket covering his dead mother and try to wake her up while the elder son is seen standing there with a plastic water bottle has stirred the conscious of the people who witness this tragedy 
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The woman is said to have died due to excessive heat, dehydration and hunger.
“Her sister’s husband informed us that the woman was sick and died before the train reached Muzaffarpur. We took the body in our custody and completed all the formalities.
The dead body and her family members have been sent to Katihar”, Railway Dy. Sp Ramakant Upadhyay said.
When asked about the cause of death, the railway Dy. SP said that “only doctors can tell you about the reason behind her death.
Muzaffarpur district administration also later issued a statement saying that the woman was not well for the past few days and died of sickness.
Earlier the deceased woman’s relative had told reporters at the railway station that they were returning from Gujarat when the incident occurred. “She was not well and suddenly collapsed inside the train”.
After the video was circulated on social media on Wednesday, opposition parties in Bihar blamed the state government for its failure in dealing with the crisis.
Sharing the video on twitter Sanjay Yadav, advisor to RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said that “The baby is not aware that his mother wrapped in the blanket will never wake up.
His mother had been travelling for four days and died due to hunger and thirst. Who is responsible for these deaths on the train? The opposition should raise such questions or not?”
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