The Kannada Development Authority on Thursday demanded that Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) remove the three-language sign boards in metro rails and stations and use only Kannada and English sign boards.
The KDA also demanded that only Kannadigas be appointed for all blue collar jobs in Namma Metro, especially in the cleaning and security sections.
The KDA made these demands in a meeting to review the implementation of Kannada language in Namma Metro held on Thursday.
TS Nagabharana, Chairman of the KDA, said, “During the meeting, I told metro officials that as proponents of the rich culture and heritage of the state, metro should also ensure that Kannadigas are given priority.
Most of the cleaning and security staff are from other states. When people from our own state are in desperate need of jobs, should they not be given preference?”
He further stated that one of the primary demands made was that all sign boards across all metro stations and trains be changed.
He said that the state government does not adhere to a three-language policy but uses the two-language policy.
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“I advised him that only Kannada and English sign boards be used.
If Hindi should be used so should all 22 official languages of our country, Why should Hindi be given preference?
Our neighbours are Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra and Kerala. We have so many of our brothers from these states living here, then should their languages not be given preference too?” he questioned.
He further stated that the KDA has put forth two options before BMRCL regarding sign boards: One is to use only Kannada and English in sign boards and the second was to use all 22 languages in all sign boards. “Why should there be discrimination? If just one language apart from Kannada is being used then it will be unfair,” he added.
Ajay Seth, Managing Director of BMRCL said that he promised the KDA to take their recommendations into consideration and that necessary action would be taken by November and a report would also be submitted regarding the same.