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UP Police Monitor 24×7 hathras victim family in the name of security allege local media

UP Police has told the Supreme Court that it is providing a ‘three-layer’ security to the family of the young Dalit woman who died after assault and alleged gang-rape by four upper caste men in a Hathras village. 

But that sad reality in  ‘security’ has also meant the family is heavily surveilled. There are three levels of checks on the way to their house, as per media reports. 

Newly-installed CCTV cameras record every movement. For added measure, cops posted outside the house make a note of every individual entering and leaving the house. 

A local intelligence unit official records the video of any conversation media persons have with the family “We need to have a record of all statements the family makes,” the official said.

So every movement of family members been recorded and monitored  in the name security allege the local medias..

In a major setback to BJP’s Yogi govt CBI booked Hathras criminals under Gang rape & murder sections

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