Honest officers inside Uttarpradesh Police silently affirmed had not Supreme Court intervened ., 

Had not Priyanka Gandhi taken war path followed by her confinement for 28 hours inside Uttar Pradesh  happened , 

Had not Farmers source leaked  the video that showed Union Minister son car  ramming in to the  walking farmers 

Having witnessed the snail pace investigation Had not the entire opposition parties of India and Farmers associations in Northern India that  made  farmers  announced Stoppage of Trains all over India on October 18th in case if police fail to act as per law and arrest the culprits..  

Then the arrest of Most powerful Ruling BJP establishment’s protected son could not been possible ..

Couple of meetings by MoS home minster with his Chief , the Home Minister of India who is BJP Party No.2 powerful man Amit Shah also could not  cut ice. 

Even CM Uttar Pradesh who said there is no evidence against Union Minister son Ashish Mishra also could not  cut ice .  

Finally impossible hit the BJP party in a very hard way ..And the arrest of Union Minister Son taken place

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It is only after Supreme Court came down hardly on BJP led union government Minister son  Ashish Mishra was arrested five days after he was named in a murder case. 

The charges against him usually merit an immediate arrest but police followed new Summon procedure raised storm in social media across nation and  raised whether he was afforded VIP treatment because of his father mighty position in Union Government . 

In another questionable move, the UP cops had issued notice to Ashish Mishra under a section of law which concerns attendance of witnesses  not the accused.

Even that given  lenient  process Union Minister Son also skipped summons a day ago that invited the wrath of Supreme Court. 

Following his son’s no-show a day ago, Minister Ajay Mishra had said Ashish Mishra would make an appearance on Saturday. He said his son could not answer the summons due to poor health.

After Supreme Court directed to preserve all evidences in this case minister’s son was not able explain several points about his whereabouts during the incident last Sunday. 

The senior UP Police officers, who waited three hours for Ashish Mishra to show up on Friday, questioned him till late into the night after he was brought in through a backdoor, helping him avoid the media gaggle raised rumours he will be given a free run in this case  

Farmers who where present at the crime site  who turned Witnesses strongly said   Union Minister son was present between 2 and 4 pm and thereafter missing from the event ..

But all along  his father and BJP Union Minster himself again and again confirmed his son was not at all at that crime location . 

Contrary to the claim of Minster , his son phone location showed him he is very  closer to the crime scene 

Also the driver of the SUV that rammed the farmers did not appear to match the description made by him.

It is to be noted the  arrest made possible after a day after the Supreme Court reminded the Uttar Pradesh government that the law must take its course against “whoever is involved”  amid nationwide outrage over the incident and mounting pressure from farmer groups.

“What is the message that you are sending? Even in normal circumstances… will the police not go immediately and arrest the accused? Things have not proceeded the way they should have. It appears to be only words and not actions,” Chief Justice NV Ramana observed in open court  in a sharp rebuke.

Two people  Luv Kush and Ashish Pandey -were arrested on Thursday as the case reached the Supreme Court. They were reportedly in the same vehicle that ran over a journalist and farmers, the police said.