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Sun Earth Moon in a straight line on May 26 2021 results in blood moon

A rare event cosmic phenomenon will be seen in the sky on May 26. The first and the last blood moon of the year to be visible next week.
This means a lunar eclipse, a blood moon and a supermoon will be coinciding at once.
The lunar eclipse of May 26 is a blood moon or full lunar eclipse. This situation arises when the Sun, Earth and the Moon come in almost a straight line.
After the lunar eclipse begins, it first turns black and then gradually turns into red colour, which is also known as ‘blood moon’.
A supermoon will be special this time than before. The eclipse is seen on the supermoon appearing on May 26, which will not only make it look bigger but even redder in colour.
The reason behind this changing colour of the moon is that- a reddish tinge on the moon will happen due to the dispersed light from Earth’s sunrise and sunsets which will fall on the face of the moon in the middle of the eclipse.
The event will be visible if you are on the night side of the Earth while Moon passes through the shadow.
The eclipse will be properly visible in Australia, the Pacific Ocean, the East Coast of Asia and the West Coast of the Americas.
The lunar eclipse will begin at 2.17 pm Indian Stand Timings (IST). The partial phase of the eclipse will begin about 57 minutes later that is estimated at 3.14 pm IST.
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