In an embarrassment to the IAS and IPS associations in Karnataka and the state government, two senior bureaucrats, D Roopa and Rohini Sindhuri, indulged in a slugfest over a social media post on Sunday.

D Roopa, an IPS officer and Managing Director of Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation, put a post on Facebook alleging that IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri had shared pictures of her with several male IAS officers, violating service conduct rules.

“These pictures might look normal but if a female IAS officer sends such pictures one to one to many IAS officers what does it mean? It doesn’t become a private matter. It violates the service conduct rules. Saloon pictures, pictures of sleeping might look normal but the situation during which these pictures were sent say otherwise,” read Roopa’s Facebook post.

Hitting back at D Roopa, Sindhuri said the allegations were baseless and screenshots picked from social media posts / WhatsApp Status, which are falsely being used to scandalise her. Sindhuri also said Roopa was doing so out of “personal hatred” and that she needs counselling.

Rohini Sindhuri further lashed out at IPS officer Roopa that she has been driving false, vilification campaign against her and warned her of a legal action.

“She has always craved media attention and her social media profile is a proof…she has always targeted one person or the other and that seems to be her favourite pass time than focus on any substantial work,” said IAS officer Sindhuri.

Meanwhile, embarrassed with the behaviour and allegations put forth out in public, Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra has ordered a strict action against both the erring officers.

“They must be punished. I have already spoken to DG and the CM is also thinking about this. There are conduct rules. We’ll see if there are any rules that say if they can speak like this, make allegations this way. They had been warned before… this is under Chief Minister’s observation, he’ll take a decision on this,” said Jnanendra.

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Caught in between two powerful women BJP led government could not take a side but hastily transferred both Karnataka IPS officer D Roopa Moudgil and IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri without posting.