The upper caste 10% EWS quota is eating in to opportunity of the  more meritorious OBC SC ST Candidates has come to light during the UPSC 2019 recruitment process allege Hindus run  OBC and SC ST associations
The ten per cent quota for the Upper caste implemented by the Narendra Modi led BJP government on Jan.7, 2019 that is EWS   in the General category amply displays how 10% Upper Caste Quota eating in to much more mark scored meritorious OBC SC ST candidates from the below two specific case  details
Case 1
10 % Upper Caste EWS turned a boon to Vivek H B as the 2018 Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer graduates to Indian Police Service.
His rank being 257 in 2018, he could not get the IAS as he belonged to General category but now despite his rank going down at 444, he will get the IPS and is all set to join the training at Indian Police Academy in Hyderabad.
Case 2
10 % Upper Caste EWS turned a boon to another IRS officer Harish B C of Hebburu village near Tumakuru of 2017 batch who had already been serving in Nagpur improved his rank from 657 to 409 in 2019 and will get the IAS this time.
This 2019 UPSC results where The upper caste 10% EWS quota implemented and a close study of cutoff marks throw more shocks for OBC SC ST candidates .[splco_spacer]
UPSC2019 splco
This denial of merit over 10 upper caste EWS anger made representatives of Meritorious Hindu religion candidates in India thronged  to twitter and using  #UPSC scam hashtag they made it as  top trending in India  for the past two days where thousands  of  micro bloggers put unique question to UPSC..
Majority tweets  Comes with  simple Question .. Why UPSC is not selecting all 927 candidates. and clandestine It maintains in the reserve list questioned by many in twitter
Total vacancies for 2019 is 927
Recommended for appointment is 829 only
So the Difference is 98
But it is for candidates who decline to join or resign shortly or do not pass verification. This act of UPSC creates suspicion allege both hindu religion in  OBC & SC ST association leaders .
[splco_spacer] Even the Explanation given by UPSC been ridiculed at large can be found . 

Also it alleged by OBC Hindu association and Hindus SC ST association that   not a single member of UPSC panel in the Narendra Modi led BJP government is from OBC , SC , ST
UPSC member panel
It Should noted Akhil Bharatiya Dalit and Muslim Mahasangh (ABDMM), a non-profit organisation advocating for the rights of Dalits and Muslims, on Friday questioned the selection process of the UPSC in this year’s civil service exams.
According to data released by the ABDMM, civil service aspirants from SC and ST communities who cracked this year’s exams have scored lesser marks in the interview compared to the general category candidates.
The ABDMM argues that several SC/ST candidates have scored higher points in the written exams compared to the general category students.

But in the interview they have scored lesser marks compared to the general category aspirants. “As a result, the general category students have an edge over the SC/ST students when it comes to qualifying for IAS cadre,” said Suresh Kanojea, national president of the ABDMM.
“It is hard to believe that the SC/ST candidates who scored extremely well in written exams could get below 200 marks in interviews whereas the general candidates who scored less in the written exams got more marks in interview.
Upper caste surrounded  members of UPSC shows how biased the interviewers are against the reserved category students.” they allege 
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Mr. Kanojea filed a petition at the UPSC demanding that an inquiry be launched into the issue.