Maharashtra minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik on Saturday reiterated his allegation that some people who are close to the NCB’s zonal director Sameer Wankhede were implicating innocent persons in false cases.

Malik has been targeting Wankhede, who had led a raid on a cruise ship here during which drugs were allegedly recovered, for the past several days.

Speaking to the media in Gondia on Saturday, the minister alleged that Wankhede had formed a “gang” of private individuals who implicated innocent people by planting drugs.

The minister also reiterated the claim that the entire operation on the cruise ship on October 2, during which actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan was held among others, was “fake”.

Malik said he will produce more proof to corroborate his claims and expose Wankhede. 

He alleged that Wankhede implicated people and tried to delay their bail for cheap publicity.

Malik also said that the drugs were provided on the cruise through a catering service from a restaurant. 

He also raised questions over the ownership of the restaurant. Malik said that one girl spoke to the media about her sister who was allegedly framed by Wankhede in a false case. 

He said hundreds of such people will come forward to expose Wankhede.

“I  will submit the documents and proofs to the director-general (DG) of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for further investigation. 

NCB has framed Aryan Khan and others in a bogus case registered after the cruise drugs bust. 

The seizure was not done from the cruise ship, but the photographs released, were taken in Wankhede’s office. 

Wankhede has an army of private people, who would plant drugs in the houses of the people. 

Fletcher Patel, KP Gosavi, Adil Usmani are part of the ‘Wankhede gang’ involved in these cases. 

Wankhede has never involved NCB employees and officers in taking action against the drug peddling,” Malik said, as per media reports.

Malik has raised serious questions over the handling of a cruise drug bust accused Aryan Khan, son of actor Shah Rukh Khan, by Kiran Gosavi who is facing serious cases and a BJP office-bearer Manish Bhanushali.

Malik had also released birth and marriage certificates of Wankhede claiming that he was a Muslim, but has secured the IRS job in the Scheduled Caste category.

Proof released by Malik regarding  marriage  certificate of Wankhede

Proof released by Malik regarding marriage certificate of Wankhede

Proof released by Malik regd Birth certificate of Wankhede

Proof released by Malik regd Birth certificate of Wankhede

Malik, who earlier in the week, produced an anonymous letter reportedly of an NCB employee who had claimed that 23 cases registered by the agency were fake, said that he has collected more proof.

“We have collected more proofs to establish how fake cases were registered by Wankhede. He would implicate people in fake cases. We are going to expose it in due course,” he said.

Malik reiterated that Kashiff Khan, managing director of Fashion TV, was the organiser of the party and he was involved in the consumption of the drugs, despite which, no action was taken against him.

“Khan, whose full name is Kashiff Malik Khan has said that I have levelled allegations against him out of misunderstanding. 

But I have proofs to show his involvement in organising the party, the cases he is facing and his criminal background. I have information about a restaurant from where the catering service was given on the cruise and the drugs were supplied through it, ”he said.

Malik said that Aryan Khan, son of actor Shah Rukh Khan should have got bail much earlier. 

“My stand is very clear. The people who are hardcore criminals, terrorists should be put behind the bars, but the ones who can produce themselves whenever demanded or who are not going to run away should be given bail. The bail is the right of the accused. However, Wankhede for the publicity, ensured that the accused were not given bail for days,” he said.

Wankhede has been refuting all the allegations levelled by Malik. He said on Friday, “These are malicious allegations to target my reputation. 

They are false and are being levelled for the first time in the 15 years of my service. I condemn the attempt in strong words.”