Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera slammed the BJP-led govt at the Centre over the seizure of massive amount of drug worth 21,000 cr at Mundra port in Gujarat and demanded a detailed probe into it

The DRI has arrested a couple in connection with the seizure of heroin from the Mundra port who own an export-import company which was registered only last year. The heroin was destined for Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh.

“Who are the bigger players behind this entire racket? Who is running this network?” the Congress leader asked. 

And why narcotic substances are landing at this port “on a regular basis” and not at other ports, the Congress leader further questioned.

Pavan Khera alleged that drug smugglers had shifted their operations from Kolkata and Mumbai to Gujarat as the state was under BJP rule.

He charged that the BJP government has failed to provide adequate security on the country’s coastline. The handing over the management of ports to private companies has posed a threat to the country’s security.

India’s biggest catch heroin worth Rs 21000 Crores at Adani’s Mundra port in Gujarat