West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. On Monday, after three days of silence, she lashed out at the BJP. She claimed to be in possession of documents that proved that the Centre had received an intelligence input on February 8 about possible a suicide bombing before the Lok Sabha polls. “Why was no action taken?” she asked.

On the matter of BJP using the attack for electoral gains, she said that her party did not make any political statements immediately after the attack because “we thought we would fight it together”.

“But then we saw, we are sitting quietly but Modi and Amit Shah are roaming around giving speeches,” Banarjee said. “The speeches are like they are the only patriots and everyone else is anti-national.”

Rashtriya Janata Dal vice president Shivanand Tiwari also accused Modi and the BJP of communalising the deaths of soldiers for electoral gains. He too asked questions about the intelligence input Banerjee referred to and how the Modi government “failed to act on it”. “He [Modi] idolises Golwalkar who identified Muslims, Christians and communists as enemies of the Hindu nation,” said Tiwari. “While everyone knows what is happening to communists, they began targeting Muslims to create a Hindu Rashtra and Kashmir remains their main target.”

Barring this two other party leaders inclusive of Congress just waiting the hystria type patriotic propaganda by ruling establishments to die down .
But it is important to note how Mamata refused to Sign “Blank Cheque” In All-Party Resolution On Pulwama
Originally, the last line read, “Today we all resolve to stand with our security forces and efforts of the Centre and State Govt to ensure that these challenges are suitably and firmly responded to.”
The phrases “challenges are suitable and firmly responded to” preceded by “Central and state government” raised eyebrows, said sources.
The rest of the draft, sources said, was a statement of intent. This one sounded like a statement of action.
The original last line felt like a “blank cheque” to the government signed for “any further action”, sources said, and could perhaps include war, emergency in the country or even put off elections, sources said. The “action points” were removed from the resolution at the insistence of Trinamool.
The Congress and Samajwadi Party backed the Trinamool on altering the last line. BJD and TRS representatives were ranged against any change. Finally, however, all parties were brought on board.
The final version read, “Today we stand united in solidarity with our security forces and defend the unity and integrity of India.”
Ms Kumaramangalam revelled out in response to a question on the controversial comments by Minister of State for Home Jitender Singh.
The BJP leader said he was talking about the Hurriyat, but on being pressed, she also named Mamata Banerjee. Ms Kumaramangalam went on to say, “We have to give enough freedom to our intelligence agencies, to the Army to be able to do what they are supposed to do… protect the country… and its people regardless of where they are working, whether it is Kashmir or Tamil Nadu or Gujarat or West Bengal. We need to respect them and give them that free hand.”
After returning to Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee asked the government to investigate any security and intelligence lapse that may have led to the attack
She also questioned why a meeting of all parliamentary parties had been called by the home minister and not of all political parties.
“Lok Sabha is over. So why parliamentary parties are called?”, “There may be some game plan.” she added