Fugitive Former IPL chairman Lalit Modi who flew away from India to London after the expose of Rs 5000 Crores surface was admitted to the hospital after a corona infection and pneumonia attack and has been placed on external oxygen support.

Gujarati origin Modi himself has given this information on Instagram.

n an unprecedented show of strength, the BCCI sent out an official mail about Lalit Modi’s sacking after he had just finished reading out the closing speech of the 2010 IPL on the night of the final. Lalit Modi was accused of financial impropriety, rigging bidding deals, offering bribes, betting, and money laundering.

Citing several allegations, the BCCI suspended Lalit Modi in May 2010, and started a probe, which lasted till 2013. It culminated in a life ban for indiscipline and misconduct. Meanwhile, the Chennai police and later the ED began a probe against Lalit Modi on charges of cheating and money laundering

Modi said that he was infected with Covid twice in two weeks and has “profound pneumonia” after which he is hospitalised. Along with this, he has also released his picture.

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“After 3 weeks in confinement with a double Covid in 2 weeks accompanied by influenza and deep pneumonia – and post trying several times to leave. Finally landed via air ambulance accompanied by two doctors and a superstar super-efficient son who did so much for me back in London. The flight was smooth. Unfortunately, still on 24/7 external oxygen. Thank u to all at @vistajet for going the extra mile. I am extremely grateful to all. Love to all. Big hug,” Modi tweeted on Friday.

Through Instagram, Lalit Modi said he was brought from Mexico to London after three weeks of imprisonment.

Taking to Instagram with a health update, the 59-year-old said that he had previously been ‘confined’ for three weeks, and had made several failed attempts to leave. 

“Finally landed via air ambulance accompanied by two doctors and superstar super efficient son who did so much for me…Back in london. The flight was smooth. Unfortunately still on 24/7 external oxygen,” he explained.