On the day when UP CM Yogi Adityanath celebrated his birthday June 5th , On the day when Indian Prime Minster Modi has stated people are not dying because of hunger..
In uttar pradesh a family of five people reportedly committed suicide in Barabanki due to Financial crisis  ..
Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Friday attacked the BJP-led Uttar Pradesh government over the suicide of five people in Barabanki.
Stating that the family “committed suicide due to financial woes”, Priyanka Gandhi took to Twitter to say that the BJP government spends crores on advertisement but does not have the ability to solve people’s problems.
She added that people all over the country are facing a lot of problems due to the ‘ill-intentions’ of the BJP government.
Earlier in the day, she had attacked BJP government over the suicide of a sugarcane farmer in Muzaffarnagar.
UP Congress also announced the launch of a ‘seva satyagrah’, demanding release of UP Congress president Ajay Kumar Lallu who has been lodged in jail since May 20.
Saying that the UP Congress will feed 25 lakh people as part of the ‘seva satyagrah’, the grand old party also vowed a poster war against the Yogi government.
Saying that the ‘anti-poor’ Yogi government had put Lallu in jail because he was helping the poor and migrant workers, Congress leader Imran Masood said fake charges will not prevent the party from serving the people.
Former minister RK Chaudhary said Lallu, who comes from a very humble background, has become an irritant for the Yogi-led government She added
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