In a sensational revelation, Congress on Saturday accused PM Modi, BJP national president Amit Shah and former Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa of hatching a conspiracy to topple the Congress-JDS government in Karnataka by offering bribes to some MLAs.
According to the Congress, Yeddyurappa had planned to offer ₹10 crore per MLAs and ₹50 crore to the speaker KR Ramesh Kumar in order to buy their loyalty.
Addressing a press conference, the Congress general secretary (organization), KC Venugopal said Yeddyurappa was offering ministerial positions to 12 MLAs and chairman position to 6 MLAs.
Releasing an audio tape of an alleged conversation between Yeddyurappa and a JD(S) MLA, Congress said that the tape reveals the “ugly and dirty politics” that the BJP and the Modi-Shah duo indulge in.
Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala also urged the Supreme Court to take action against the BJP.
He said that the BJP leader can be heard saying we will manage the judges also, if the matter goes to the apex court.
” Will the Supreme Court take action ?” asked Surjewala.The tape released by the Congress reveals that –
· BS Yeddyurappa planned to offer a bribe of ₹10 Crore per MLA.
Total number of MLA’s whose defection are sought are 18-20. At the rate of ₹ 10 crore per MLA, bribe amounts ₹ 200 crores.
· Yeddyurappa was offering ministerial birth to 12 MLA’s in BJP government, and to 6-8 MLA post of the chairman of different boards and corporations in lieu of toppling the Congress-JDS government.
· Yeddyurappa offered ₹10 Crore per MLA for the elections. If the number of MLA’s 18-20 stated by him is taken to be correct, this amount would come to another ₹200 crores.
BJP planned to offer a bribe of ₹50 Crore to the Speaker of Vidhan Sabha. PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah were named in the alleged tape.
Supreme Court judges would be approached to fix the cases of the MLA’s who will defect in violation of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution the tape voice added