Indian Subcontinent Industries Market Protest

Modi increased duty 12 times and collected Rs 18 lakh crore : Sonia Gandhi

Congress on Monday held a nationwide protest against the Central Government in view of hike in fuel prices across the country.
Attacking the led Central government over the rising prices of petrol and diesel prices, Congress President Sonia Gandhi accused the BJP regime of “extorting money from people” and sought an immediate rollback of the increase in prices of petroleum products. While various Congress state units held demonstrations in their respective states
#SpeakUpAgainstFuelHike a social media campaign was also launched by the party become top trend disclosing the common man anger over BJP government continuous 21 hikes
“The government is profiteering at the expense of the people, it is an example of extorting money from people,” she said.
She alleged that the Narendra Modi government has increased excise duty on diesel and petrol prices 12 times since 2014.
“Since 2014, instead of giving the benefit of a decrease in the price of petrol and diesel in the international market, the Modi government has increased excise duty 12 times and collected Rs 18 lakh crore,” she said.
“The price of diesel and petrol has crossed Rs 80 per litre in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi. In the last three months, the Modi government has increased the price 22 times.
They have also raised excise duty. They are doing this at a time when the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously dropping in the international market,” she added.
Sonia Gandhi urged the Centre to roll back the rise in excise duty on petrol and give the benefit to people.
“This will provide big relief in this period of economic crisis,” she said.
The price of petrol on Monday increased to Rs 80.43 (a hike of 5 paise) and that of diesel increased to Rs 80.53 (a hike of 13 paise) in Delhi. Sunday was the only day in the last three weeks when there was no change in fuel prices in the national capital.
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