Anjana Tiwari alias Aisha, is a resident of Maharajganj. the woman who had set herself ablaze in front of the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha on Tuesday, has succumbed to burn injuries.
According to doctors at the hospital, she had suffered over 85 per cent burn injuries and she lost the battle on Wednesday night.
Anjana Tiwari, had changed her name after converting to Islam to marry Asif with whom she had fallen in love after divorce from her ex-husband Akhilesh Tiwari.
She had alleged that Asif had gone to Saudi Arabia in connection with his job and his family had been harassing her.
A senior police official, who did not wish to be named, said that the matter was under investigation .
Alok Prasad, the son of Congress veteran and former governor of Rajasthan Sukhdev Prasad was arrested yesterday by the Lucknow police for allegedly provoking the woman to set herself on fire. Alok’s location was found to be around the Vidhan Sabha on the day and time of the incident.
Earlier in July, another Congress leader named Anoop Patel, along with an AIMIM leader Kadir Khan was arrested for provoking a mother-daughter duo to self-immolate in front of the Vidhan Sabha.
Investigating the issue, police had stated that the women had met the Congress leader some days before and he had advised them to self-immolate, also promising to bring the media when they do it. Patel and the AIMIM leader were arrested for abetment of suicide.