Indian youths and Twitterati is observing National unemployment day on the occasion as a mark of protest against rising unemployment
Prime Minister Narendra Modi turns 70 today, Twitterati is observing National unemployment day on the occasion as a mark of protest against rising unemployment.
His party, the ruling BJP has added that it will celebrate the PM’s birthday in a week-long ‘Seva Spatha’ from September 14-20.
But on the other hand on youths in Twitter, the netizens have decided to mark the day as “National Unemployment Day” .
The hashtag protest against Unemployment on PMs birthday brings out the disappointment and anger of the people against the government and the PM who did not keep his promise
On the other hand from Tamilnadu where the state in India strong opposition for Modi is trending மோடியாவது_மயிறாவது meaning like falling hair who cares for modi .. is top trending
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The day is the birthday of E .VE.RAMASAMY  ( 17 September 1879 – 24 December 1973 ) a revolutionary leader from South India who fought against caste discrimination in Hindu religion and also daringly  questioned the wrong un socialistic practise in the name of veda and agamam  in Hindu religion and been called as fondly  Periyar in Tamil which means noble and high esteem  person ..
This is being done to highlight the Prime Minister’s failure to create jobs and provide employment for the people of the country.
Employment was the agenda, Modi had contested the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.
Twitter users, have been, tweeting thousands of posts with hashtag #17Sept17Hrs17Minutes and called on people to take part in the Twitter campaign on September 17.
Several users asserted that the youths of the country were frustrated over the unemployment and lack of opportunities in the market. Along with #17Sept17Hrs17Minutes another hashtag in Hindi is trending #राष्ट्रीयबेरोजगारदिवस.
The trending hashtag marks as a protest against the high unemployment rates in the country. India’s April-June quarter GDP is contracted by a 23.9 percent.
Prime Minister Modi instead of making efforts for the employment suggested pakoda frying and selling as the alternatives to the youth.
The unemployment in India crossed the four-decade low but the government has been shrugging off the responsibility by calling it an ‘act of god’. Congress has been raising the issue of unemployment.
Rahul Gandhi and General secretary Priyanka Gandhi has questioned the government on unemployment issue.