Nitiyananda hindutva godman who was most wanted man by Indian law regulators for his crime on rape and money laundering who scarped India with out a valid passport become a symbol Indian corrupt government practises
The absconding godman had recently said in a video that “everything was legally established” and he was waiting for the auspicious festival to announce all the details, including information about the country’s economy and policies.
Nithyanada said a 300-page document had been readied with all details about the economic policies.
“Designing, currency, the economy strategy, how we are going to be doing, internal currency usage and external world currency exchange, everything legally, we signed an MoU with a nation hosting our Reserve Bank and everything is legitimately established,” the godman pointed out.
According to Nithyananda, Kailaasa, the country he recently founded had entered into an agreement with an unnamed country that will host the new reserve bank.
“Everything is legally and legitimately established, reserve bank of Kailaasa, legitimately established with all the structure done based on the Vatican Bank,” he observed.
Among the major duties of the bank will be managing the MahaKailaasa economy by handling all the donations that pour in from devotees from across the world.
He added in his video Each Kailaasian dollar will be made of 11.66 gms of gold and printed in 25 different designs
There will be two-dollar notes in 30 designs and quarters in different variations
Grains, gems, precious metals to be part of the monetary system and the most wanted criminal Godman said Bank’s policies will be based on vedas and agamas

Multiple FIRs and Court Summons in addition to during 2019 an specific  FIR was registered on  against the controversial guru on the charges of kidnapping and wrongful confinement of children to make them collect donations from followers to run his ashram here, Yogini Sarvagyapeetham.

Nithyananda has fled the country after a rape case was registered against him in Karnataka, and it will be a waste of time searching for him here, the local police said. Karanata state is ruled by BJP party Run government in India