Tamil actor Vijayalakshmi on Tuesday addressed the media and alleged that she was forcefully discharged from a private hospital in Chennai under “someone’s influence” even before she had time to recover.
Earlier Vijayalakshmi was admitted to the hospital on Sunday night after she attempted suicide. Vijayalakshmi, an alleged victim of social media trolling and attacks in connection with her private life also requested people to not politicise the matter saying “none of this is a drama”.
The actor further added that BJP, Congress or DMK were not backing her . 
Talking about the early discharge Vijayalakshmi said, “This morning I had breathing difficulty and my condition was not stable, I even collapsed and that’s when I informed the media about this.
Despite such a condition, the hospital discharged me an hour after that. On whose behest, influence was this done? She also Complained about Gayathri Raghuram who paid for her  treatment here, and said even she’s not here at the time of discharge.”


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Archive : Tamil actor Gayathri whom Actor Vijayalakshmi impliedly attack is a office bearer of BJP seen with BJP Party Tamilnadu president Murugan

Vijayalakshmi stated that she is still unclear on what is happening in this case and has threatened to sit on a fast unto death.
She also claimed that the Magistrate had visited her in the hospital and taken her statement on what led her to take the extreme step. She questioned why Seeman was being protected impliedly questioning Ruling Establishment BJP and ADMK .
On Monday, in a video recorded in Tamil, Vijayalakshmi lashed out at Seeman, the leader of a fringe political outfit, Naam Tamilar Katchi, whose ideology is at par with RSS concept and attacking Dravidian parties mainly DMK .
 Vijayalakshmi also  thanked her fans , “You have all saved me, I am ok. I was saved by your love.
But even when I’m in this condition, nearing death it is being politicized. Seeman is politicizing and enjoying it. Please stop calling me a BJP lackey.
Try to be more human and don’t play with people’s lives, I’m not a cheap person like that. Please don’t write horrible things about this issue. I’m under a lot of mental pressure and stress, I’ll recover and get back to work.”
Vijayalakshmi had earlier filed a complaint of cheating against Seeman. She had alleged that he had not married her even after having promised her of doing so.
She also added that Seeman party Nam Tamilar Katchi people were harassing and slut-shaming her as she was born in Karnataka.
Social media bloggers question where Nam Tamilar party gets his fund from . Nam Tamilar party contested  elections since 2014 and suffer heavy set back year after year and all the contested candidates lost all its deposit by losing in all   form  of elections ( Parliament , Assembly and Local body elections ) it had so far participated