In BJP party led UttarPradesh a BJP lawmaker has written a letter to Chief Development Officer (CDO) of Hardoi to return his contribution of ₹25 lakh from the Vidhayak Nidhi (Legislators’ funds) which he had donated for the purchase of masks, PPE, santizers and other equipments, alleging corruption in purchase of these equipments.
Alleging corruption, BJP law maker asks administration to return his donation for COVID-19 . ‘Commission’ in government has always been a part of system in Uttar Pradesh .
The letter written by Shyam Prakash, MLA from Gopamau in Hardoi, has created a storm as there was hushed talk of corruption in the purchase of PPEs and masks but this is the first time such serious charges have been made.
In his letter of April 16, the MLA suggested that the CDO transfers Rs 25 lakh for the purchase of medical equipment. “This is a time of emergency. As a public representative, it is my right to know what has happened with the money.
I had enquired from the administration but did not get any response whereas I believe the administration should have expedited the process and purchase should have been initiated by now,” Prakash told this reporter when he contacted him.
“I came to know through my sources that the person in Hardoi hospital who is responsible for purchase was dilly-dallying for the sake of ‘commission’.
This is the time when officers should not look for ‘commission’ because our country is passing through a crisis. When I enquired about the utilization of funds I did not get any satisfactory answer and this cemented my suspicion that something is wrong,” the MLA said.
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He said that a few days back, news had appeared in a local newspaper about corruption in purchase of medical equipments. “After this I decided to withdraw money and have written a letter to the CDO to return the money so that it could be used in some other public work,” the legislator said.
Once the letter became public, it raised hue and cry. The District Magistrate spoke to the MLA on Monday morning.
[splco_quote]Responding this BJP MLA responded “Yes, I got a call from DM sahib and he has said that he will furnish details about the utilization of money. Till now I have not got any response from the administration,”[/splco_quote]
Incidentally, the Yogi Government in Uttar Pradesh has frozen legislature funds for the fiscal 2020-21. “This money was from the last fiscal.
As for the next one year we will not get Vidhayak Nidhi I cannot allow Rs 25 lakh to be misused this way,” he said.
Legislators in UP get Rs 3 lakh as Vidhayak Nidhi.
It Should be noted that oxygen controversy in BDR Medical College in Gorakhpur in which around 100 children died because of lack of oxygen was due to payment of ‘commission’ that led to the supplier stopping the supply.