The Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) has instructed financial institutions in United Arab Emirates to search and freeze all bank accounts of Indian billionaire BR Shetty and his family along with those of companies where he has a stake.
The apex bank has also blacklisted several firms associated with Shetty along with their entire senior management.
[splco_quote]In an advisory issued last week, CBUAE cited decisions of the Federal Attorney General and asked financial institutions to search and freeze any bank accounts, deposits or investments in the name of Shetty or his family members. [/splco_quote]
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Financial institutions have been directed to stop transfers from these accounts and deny access to deposit boxes.
Shetty is the founder of NMC Health who is closely associated with Nagpur origin RSS group .
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Archive Picture (5/1/2016 ) Source Coastal Digest : Sudhir Kumar Shetty, president of UAE Exchange, N Balakrishna, chairman and MD of Prakruti Nest Builders, Bengaluru; Anil Pillai, MD of JR Aerolink, Dubai; Pramod, chief operating officer of UAE Exchange; Prasanth Mangat, COO of NMC Group were among others who took part in the meeting and received “guidance” from Bhagwat. The function took place at Thanthra Vidya Peettham at Aluva near Kochi in Kerala. It is believed that many NRI tycoons in UAE are funding the RSS for many years.

The heath-care provider ( NMC)  was placed into administration by a UK court recently following an application by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) which alone has an exposure of $981 million (Dh3.6 billion).
It was on April 9 that NMC was placed under the UK Court’s supervisory oversight. The UK legal system came into effect because NMC had listed on London Stock Exchange in 2012.
The administrators have to come up with ways by which NMC remains operational and at the same time find the ways and means to pay back more than $6.6 billion in bank loans.
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A fan follower of Indian PM Narendra Modi , Karnataka Origin Business men Shetty moved to India and facing a string of charges

Simon Watkins remains Group Company Secretary, while Nirman Shetty, Chief Operating Officer – Distribution has left the business.
Overall, UAE banks have a combined exposure of more than Dh8bn to NMC which owes money to Oman-based banks and financial institutions as well.

The Central Bank has sought information about credit facilites extended to the Shettys along with details of their safe deposit boxes and the financial transfers they have made till date.
A similar advisory has been issued for NMC Healthcare and NMC Holding, based on the decision of the Head of Plenary Fund Prosecution.
The Central Bank has also blacklisted several companies associated with Shetty. Key staff members of these firms have been similarly blacklisted.