Roads in  Ayodhya this week witnessed  When the  state’s law minister Brijesh Pathak  finally emerged from Hanumangarhi and his carcade sped past the waiting queue of pilgrims.

It catches attention  because  the colourful convoy includes 36 cars in the motorcade painted in uniform colour and with uniform lettering indicating elections are round the corner.

Other cars Enroute were  stopped by the state police as they turned from the highway to enter the city. 

Reason is  state’s law minister Brijesh Pathak was visiting Ayodhya, for a personal temple visit. The minister apparently had gone to the temple to pay obeisance and seek blessings before venturing out on the poll campaign. 

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Repainted vehicles found at large as polls are appearing in early 2022 in UttarPradesh

Till the minister’s motorcade returned, no movement would be allowed. When inquired  policeman present at spot informed that the minister, Brijesh Pathak, has just received Z category security in November.

Such vehicles are now a common sight in Uttar Pradesh, says locals. 

Out of curiosity when Splco approached for  legal opinion with experts for  changing painting colours whether special permission is necessary or not . 

Legal Experts  admitted that any change in registered vehicles can be done only after obtaining permission from the RTO under the Motor Vehicles Act. 

Failing which the law in fact prescribes a fine of Rs. 5,000 to Rs.10,000 for making Colour changes. 

Also under the same act it requires for any  private vehicles to  be used for commercial  purposes or for political campaign purposes permission is must. 

BJP decimated splco
in 2021 local body elections held in May month in Uttar Pradesh, the opposition Samajwadi Party has emerged as the single largest entity in the panchayat elections held amid the deadly second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The SP won 782 of the 3,050 zilla panchayat seats in the state, while the ruling BJP came second after winning 580 seats

Uttar Pradesh government has to be questioned for this trespass of act by media . But mostly north india based medias now become slavery to ruling benches observes persons in media industry itself . India present low status in press freedom index amply could confirm this .. 

Chennaities during 1990s had encountered such nuisance of long wait when ADMK party supremo and then Cheif Minister  ruled in Tamilnadu state and this long wait in 1996 become a poll issue that witnessed defeat of ADMK government where the CM candidate J.Jayalallitha herself  trounced to then DMK candidate in Bargur constituency