After defeat in five states, multi hoarding stating ‘Modi hatao, Yogi lao’ propped  up in UP that surprises many . Yogi Supporter Jaini  speaking in support of Yogi government,  said
“Hindus in this country are fed up of Modi ji’s jumlas. Hindus have been deceived. The defeat in five states is a result of this. If Yogi hadn’t been the star campaigner, then the BJP would not have been able to open their account in these five states.
Now the time has come for issues such as the construction of Ram temple, Article 370, and population control to be resolved. If these promises are not fulfilled, Modi should not expect to even expect even a single vote in favour of BJP in 2019,” Jaini added .

In Lucknow many Anti Modi posters was reportedly put up by a RSS propaganda Hindutva outfit named Uttar Pradesh Navnirman Sena

Speaking further Jaini said that one needs to understand the statement of UP CM which he gave two days ago. “Yogiji said that if Ram temple was in the hand of UP government, it would have been constructed in 24 hours. This implies that unfortunately the law for Ram Mandir construction has to be brought in by the central government, which is being operated by jumlebaz people.”
“Hindus are neither angry with BJP nor Modi but jo ram ka nahi, woh kisi kaam ka nahi (Those who do stand by Lord Ram, they are worthless),” said Jaini.
“On February 10, along with lakh of Hindu workers and Sadhu saints, a Dharam Sansad will be organised in which Modi government will be boycotted. We will request everyone present to cast their vote for NOTA,” said Jaini