In india a total of 3,81,305 beneficiaries have so far been vaccinated for coronavirus, even as 580 adverse events following immunization were reported in the country, the Union Health Ministry said on Monday.
Yesterday, for the first time, active cases declined below 2 per cent of the total cases reported in the country.
According to data released by the ministry, the country’s active case load stood at 2,08,826, which is 1.98 per cent of the total cases.
Meanwhile, India has registered 13,962 fresh Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours, taking the tally to 10,572,672.
Globally, so far more than 95.4 million people have been infected by the virus. India  country continues to be second-most-affected globally, and ranks in the 3rd place case of number of deaths due to covi-19 and  13th rank among worst-wit nations by active cases, according to data from Worldometer.
The five most affected states by total cases are Maharashtra (1,987,678), Karnataka (931,252), Andhra Pradesh (885,824), Kerala (842,843), and Tamil Nadu (830,183).