The Coimbatore cylinder blast case took a sensational turn on Sunday after Tamil Nadu police ruled out the possibility of a suicide attack while claiming to have identified the person who was charred to death in an alleged explosion of an LPG cylinder fitted to a car.

With in 10 hrs of the blast Sylendra Babu, Tamil Nadu DGP confrmed  the person who was charred to death has been identified as Jameza Mubin.

Not only that with in hours Tamilnadu police said they posses the mobile phone of the decesed and all his call records for the past 2 years are under scanner . However, an investigation into the case is still underway as the state police said that they are going through the person’s call history and started questioning those who were in touch with him.

Divulging the case details, Sylendra Babu, Tamil Nadu DGP, said that the person who was charred to death has been identified as Jameza Mubin. He also said that police had conducted searches of Mubin’s residence in the Kottaimedu area in Ukkadam and recovered chemicals like Potassium nitrate, aluminum, and sulfur, which are used to make crude bombs.

“We have also recovered nails and ball bearing from the spot where the explosion happened,” the police further stated.

Basis the materials recovered, the police ruled out the possibility of a suicide attack as the explosion took place when the nails and bail bearing were in the car while chemicals were at his home. However, they maintained that the person was not affiliated with any organizations.

“He is not affiliated with any Organizations. He was enquired by NIA in 2019 and there are cases against him in NIA,” the DGP said.

The Tamil Nadu police on Monday further intensified its investigation into the car explosion incident in the city, even as CCTV footage showed a group of men carrying a gunny bag from the house of Jemisha Mubeen, who was killed in the blast.

Earlier State Director General of Police C Sylendra Babu had on Sunday said that ”low-intensive” explosive material including potassium nitrate, used in making country bombs, were recovered from the house of Mubeen.

The CCTV footage near the house showed five people purportedly taking out a gunny bag from Mubeen’s house around 11.25 pm on Saturday, police said.

The cylinder explosion in the car happened near Kottai Eswaran Temple in the busy and communally sensitive Ukkadam area around 4 am on Sunday, they said.

While one of the five could be Mubeen, investigation is on to identify the remaining members, police added.

Police are also questioning seven people in this connection, based on the contact they made with Mubeen. An auto-rickshaw driver from Coonoor in nearby Nilgiris district was brought here for interrogation, tracing his mobile phone signal at the place of explosion.

A resident of Ottupattarai in Coonoor, he was residing there for the last four months, police said.

ensuing fire engulfed it in Ukkadam area of the city here in the early hours of Sunday. 

All the shops in the vicinity of Kottai Easwaran Temple were closed and a large number of police personnel were deployed in the area following the incident.