First issue being On Wednesday, Mumbai Police sent summons to actor Kangana Ranaut in defamation case filed against the Bollywood star by noted lyricist Javed Akhtar.
The actor has been asked to appear before the Juhu police on January 22.
In another issue Kangana’s Twitter account has been suspended and after she  deleted her  twit  “time to take their heads off” , her account been restored but with   restricted access .
This comes after she made controversial remarks about ‘Tandav’ creators through a post. In the now-deleted tweet, Kangana had said that it was “time to take their heads off”, for allegedly insulting Hindu gods in the web series.
Now, the actress has slammed the “liberal community” who reported her account to Twitter, going on to call Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey “chacha”. ( Hindi word if translated means Uncle) 
“Librus cried to their chacha @jack and got my account temporarily restricted,” she wrote.
She continued, “They are threatening They are threatening me that my account and my virtual identity might get martyred for the country anytime. But my reloaded patriotic spirit will reappear through my movies. I will make your life miserable.”
“Tandav” has come under fire with several people alleging that it provokes communal disharmony and hurts the sentiments of the Hindus.
According to the complaints, a scene featuring Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub performing a college play insults the Hindu deity Shiv.
Earlier Show creator Ali Abbas Zafar has apologised on behalf of the entire cast and crew, saying they did not intend to offend anyone or insult any religion and political party.
It should ne noted They have even said that they will make changes in the content “to address concerns”.
It is to be noted earlier Javed Akhtar had filed a case against Kangana Ranaut in November, 2020, before the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate, for allegedly making defamatory and baseless comments against him in certain television interviews.
A day after the suit was filed, Kangana had sharply reacted to Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut’s tweet which was about the defamation case against her.
Sanjay Raut tweeted, “Lyricist Javed Akhtar files criminal complaint against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut for making defamatory statements on national and international television. The complaint has been filed before the Metropolitan Magistrate at Andheri, Mumbai.”
To this, Kangana retorted , There was a lioness and a flock of wolves.”
Earlier in an interview, she had shared that Javed Akhtar ‘threatened’ her to not mess with Hrithik Roshan’s family. Kangana had also alleged that Akhtar tried to threaten her through gunshots near her Manali home.
While talking to Pinkvilla, Kangana had mentioned, “Javed Akhtar called me to his house and said that Rakesh Roshan and family are big people.
She also said If you do not apologize to them, then you will not be able to go anywhere. They will put you in jail and you will have no choice but to harm yourself.”
“You can even think of suicide. He said all these things to me. Why did they think that if I do not apologize to Hrithik Roshan, then I will commit suicide? He shouted at me. Angry too. I was having a cucumber sitting at his house,” she had stated