Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin In a self appraisal or a report card,  on Thursday said he had signed 2,619 files since he took charge in May 2021.

Means ever since he took over on 7th may 2021 , with in span of 8 months he cleared aerage 327 files each month .. 

Stalin said since he took over as Chief Minister in May 2021, a total of 2,683 files had come to him for decision and he had signed 2,619 files.

According to him, the decisions on the remaining 64 files are in various stages of discussions.

Fast movement of files is the sign of good governance and this government is an example for that, Stalin claimed.

He said the Ministers have been ordered to quickly dispose of the files coming to them for decisions.

Stalin also claimed that he is not a Chief Minister who passes orders sitting in the State Secretariat but moves with the people at the ground level and takes actions as per their wishes.