Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra handed over the possession of 35 Lodhi Estate, previously allotted to her on security grounds, to the CPWD on Thursday.
The keys to the bungalow were accepted on behalf of the CPWD after a full inspection establishing that the house was handed over in good condition by JE of CPWD P Senthil Kumar in the presence of Vikas Rana, CE (NDZ-I), Yogesh Kumar Kardam, AE, Manoj Kumar Chauhan, AE, CPWD Services and B.S. Rana, JE (PAWD-I, CPWD). They issued her a ‘Vacation Report’ for the premises on behalf of the CPWD.
Priyanka Gandhi also passed on to the CPWD and the Directorate of Estates a full inventory of privately installed fittings, fixtures etc.
As per a statement released by AICC, she has paid all electricity, water and previous dues and is awaiting the final assessment for the license fee of the month of July from the Directorate of Estates due to her on the 31st July to close all accounts with reference to the allotment and subsequent cancellation of the lease of the government bungalow.
Earlier The Ministry of Home Affairs in its June 30 communication had said Priyanka Gandhi had been assigned ‘Z plus’ security with the CRPF cover on the all-India basis, which didn’t have any provision for allotment or retention of government accommodation.
The persons with ‘Z plus’ security cover were not entitled to government accommodation, it said and added, exceptions could be made only by the Cabinet Committee on Accommodation (CCA), based on security perception assessment by the MHA.
“In view of this, she is no longer entitled to government accommodation and her allotment has been cancelled by the Directorate of Estate on July 1, 2020 with the direction to vacate the house within one month,” the order said.
The government had asked Priyanka to vacate the bungalow by August 1 as she is no more a Special Protection Group (SPG) protectee.
Priyanka has been residing in the Lodhi Estate bungalow since 1997.
After her vacation The bungalow has now been allotted to BJP Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni.
Inside Sources confirmed Priyanka will be residing in a temporary accommodation until a more permanent accommodation in Delhi rented by her is ready for use.