Nirav Deepak Modi  is a fugitive Indian businessman, wanted by the Interpol and the Government of India for criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, cheating and dishonesty including delivery of property, corruption, money laundering, fraud embezzlement and breach of contract
Modi is being investigated in a $2 billion fraud case of Punjab National Bank (PNB)
Modi is also being sued in the State of California for US$4.2 million for defrauding Los Angeles entrepreneur, Paul Alfonso, over two custom diamond engagement rings that turned out to be lab diamonds.
In March 2018, Modi applied for bankruptcy protection in Manhattan, New York.
In April 2018, Modi escaped and reported to be in June 2018 UK and has applied for political asylum in Britain.
In June 2019, Swiss authorities have frozen a total of 6 million US dollars present in Nirav Modi’s Swiss bank accounts along with the assets.
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During this period 1st June 2018 a major massive fire broke out at Scindia House (Commercial) building located in Ballard estate in South Mumbai on Friday. Around eight people stranded in the building were rescued safely, while another seven people including a fireman suffered suffocation due to smoke inhalation.
In that Files on absconding jeweller Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi apart from several others wanted for economic offence were destroyed in a major fire at the premises of the Income Tax department some time ago, according to sources here.
Sources in the Income Tax department said files pertaining to Modi and Choksi, as well as some documents relating to the Essar group, were also on the premises. They are all undergoing investigation for fraud or facing bankruptcy proceedings.
Sources then revealed in the department said assessment of the actual damage would take some time.
RTI activist Anil Galgali, who has obtained a number of documents under the sunshine law, told reporters that the fire may have been deliberately caused by vested interests.
On the other hand, Income Tax officials felt that the fire would only cause some delays in investigations and files lost in the fire will take time to be reconstructed.
“Copies of documents are usually available at various other locations, but it will take time to ‘reconstruct’ the files,” a sources at the Income Tax department said.
It should be noted Both Modi and Choksi are key suspects in a massive Rs 15,000 crore loan fraud involving several banks, including, most importantly, India’s second largest public sector bank, the Punjab National Bank.
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In Feb 2020, again  massive fire broke out on the top floors of the ground plus eight-storied GST Bhavan here at Byculla on where thick clouds of smoke billowed out of the upper two floors is if  just a coincidence the readers can take a call  … 
Two  years gone but yet No investigation result on India major scam or progress of the case  in the media been  done with .
Not to forget this is the he fraud which made headlines for days when the bank made a filing to the country’s market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, admitting there was an ongoing investigation into the loan fraud is the largest the country has ever seen.
Both Modi and Choksi are currently on the run not been bought under the clutches of Indian law .
Currently  Nirav Modi who was born on 27 February 1971 is in Prison in London awaiting extradition proceedings. His Bail Applications have been rejected several times. 
Mehul ChiMehul Chinubhai Choksi who was born on  5 May 1959 , Choksi now holds an Antiguan citizenship, and is the owner of Gitanjali Group now residing in Antigua and Barbuda, who is wanted by the Judicial Authorities of India for criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, cheating and dishonesty including delivery of property, corruption and money laundering is happily giving interview to a leading Hindi TV channel
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