In a cinema filmy way on a daylight operation the hijakers gang allegedly took away cell phones, a popular brand, worth over Rs 6 crore in another truck leaving behind the driver tied up on the road and container abandoned in another place.
The hijackers gang allegedly staged an accident drama to make Irfan, the driver of the container truck, stop his vehicle.
Then They assaulted Irfan and tied his hands behind and dumped him on the highway before fleeing with the truck.
It is after they left , Irfan who cried for help and got the help of locals, and then approached Nagari police and lodged a complaint.
Police after received complaint conducted inquiry and said the container left Sriperumbudur on Tuesday evening to deliver the load at a stock point in Mumbai.
Hijackers gang took the container to Puttur and took away eight of the total 16 boxes it carried.
It was estimated that there were around 7,500 phones in those boxes. Police believe the hijackers could not take away all the boxes because they had a smaller vehicle.
The police have formed special teams to hunt down the criminals and had been browsing through available CCTV footages.
Meanwhile the company representatives had also met the police to give details of the consignment.
Police believe the gang must have had prior knowledge of the consignment and ruled out the possibility of random hijack.
Police officials said would also probe the possible insider’s hand in the crime.
The broad day light robbery has created panic amongst the locals there ..