Congress, in its manifesto for Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023, has promised that it would ban organisations such as Bajrang Dal which is same as Popular Front of India if it came to power.

Reacting to the Congress mentioning in its election manifesto for Karnataka that it will impose a ban on Bajrang Dal if voted to power, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Tuesday that the Congress will be thrown out of the country if the `Bajrangis` the devotees of Lord Hanuman revolt. 

“The Congress is talking about banning the Bajrang Dal. They have likened the Bajrang Dal with PFI, an anti-national and terrorist organisation that has already been banned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Bommai said during BJP’s election campaign in Dharwad.

The Chief Minister claimed that Bajrang Dal upholds the country’s heritage, culture, history, and religion. “If the Bajrangi revolt, the Congress will be removed from its roots and thrown out of the country,” he said. 

Prime Minster Modi also taken up this issue and i lashed out at the grand old party for promising to ban the Bajrang Dal and other similar entities if it wins the Karnataka polls.

“Lord Hanuman depicts piousness, Lord Hanuman depicts commitment to reverence & duty, Lord Hanuman symbolises service and sacrifice. To compare Lord Hanuman as synonymous to any individual or organisation is an insult and the PM is hurting the feelings and sentiments of millions of Bhakta of Hanuman ji,” Surjewala said.

“Of course, these canards were manufactured in the factory of BL Santosh, the self-nominated Chanakya. The PM must apologize for equating Lord Hanuman with Bajrang Dal. Millions of Hanuman Bhakts will fight this with full rigour. The Kannadigas are ready for 40% Bhrastasura Dahana!” he added.

“The Prime Minister and company refuse to speak about scam-ridden 40 per cent BJP sarkara and are merely looking for lame-duck excuses to polarise the election. For Modi ji and the BJP, each election is about divisions on the ground of religion instead of answering the basic issues of nauseating corruption, back-breaking price rise, rampant unemployment, ugly and unacceptable concentration of wealth and an all-pervading atmosphere of hate,” Surjewala said.

“The Constitution and law are clear – any individual or organization spreading hatred or enmity must be proceeded against in accordance with law. The duty to follow Raj Dharma is of the Prime Minister and the chief minister but they refuse to do so,” he added.