Pursuance of  Sardar Chanderpal Singh v. Union of India  case lawyer has moved the Supreme Court seeking a direction to censor all future social media posts by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut 

The plea has also asked for an order to transfer all pending FIRs registered against Ranaut across India to Khar Police Station in Mumbai. He has further sought that chargesheets in these cases be submitted in six months and trial be completed in two years.

The petitioner claims that he has been tremendously hurt by an Instagram post of Ranaut which inferred that 

“Sikh Farmers were Khalistani Terrorists, Upholds the genocide of 1984, means that Sikhs should be treated as a lower race like unwanted mosquitoes and they need a Guru like Mrs. Indira Gandhi when the Eternal Guru of the Sikhs is Guru Granth Sahibjee.”

He petitioned “These kind of statements, develop a sense of racial discrimination, hate based on different faiths and could lead to a lot of heated arguments on social media and have to potency of even riots, provocation and have all ingredients of the offences that these statements commit, having effect on the daily like of the petitioner/ his thinking/ his faith/ his confidence in the system and such things just cannot be ignored,” the plea stated.

It is further stated that the remarks by Ranaut were not only outrageous and blasphemous but also intended to cause riots, hurt religious sentiments, are defamatory and portray Sikhs “in a totally anti National manner.”

“It justifies innocent killing of Sikhs. The remarks are totally against the unity of our country and the actress deserves a Serious punishment at Law. They cannot be brushed aside or excused,” reads the plea filed through Advocate Anil Kumar.

The petitioner has thus called for a direction to the Union Ministry of Information Technology, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) as well as state police authorities to take preventive action. None of Ranaut’s posts on social media should be allowed without amendment, deletion, modification or censoring, the plea stated.

It is to be noted earlier Mumbai Police registered an FIR against Ranaut for her objectionable posts on social media app Instagram allegedly likening the Sikh community to Khalistanis.

A slew of complaints have been registered across the country against the actress for her remarks on various platforms, including social media.

National Executive Member of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Preeti Menon approached the Mumbai Police seeking registration of an FIR against Ranaut claiming that she made seditious remarks on an interview given to Times Now.

A Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader had also filed a private complaint in a Mumbai Court seeking judicial cognizance against Ranaut for her statements against the Sikh community and about the Indian Independence struggle.