Former BJP Other State and Overseas Tamil Development wing president Gayathri Raguramm , on Tuesday resigned from the party alleging the party of not ‘respecting’ women and providing ‘equal’ opportunity.

“I have taken the decision with a heavy heart to resign from TN BJP for not giving opportunity for an enquiry, equal rights & respect for women. Under Annamalai leadership women are not safe. I feel better to be trolled as an outsider,” she tweeted.

It is widely speculated on personal rivalry BJP Tamil Nadu president K. Annamalai suspended Former actress and Kollywood Cinema Dance master Gayathri in November from all the positions she held in the party for a period of six months. 

He asked party functionaries and cadres not to be in touch with her for any party-related matters.

Gayathri was accused by the party president for continuously violating party discipline and bringing disrepute to the party.

Earlier BJP party president Annamalai in his press interview , personally attacked her and said Gayathri Raguramm Dubai hotel acts he knows and did a implied warning to her ..

Wounded by wild allegation Gayathri posted a series of tweets and given many media interviews given her state of mind and then on Tuesday after declaring her resignation from the party.

in her resignation note she said “I strongly believe in Hindu Dharma in my heart and conscience. I don’t need to search for it in a political party, I rather go to a temple in search of God and Dharma. God is everywhere. God is with me. “Justice delayed is justice denied”, she said in one of the tweets.