On Tuesday, Health Secretary Beela Rajesh said that the government was collecting details of foreigners and Indians who had come to the State after February 15 and foreigners at Isha Yoga were also in the checklist.
According to the Coimbatore district administration, the foreigners had come much before the government notification.
They are in quarantine on Isha Yoga campus and Health Department conducted a check-up. They were being monitored regularly, said district administration.
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Earlier on Feb 21 “Coronavirus outbreak in China and it’s bursting out in some neighbouring countries had an impact on devotees footfall in India on Mahashivratri,” said spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.
On the auspicious occasion, the prominent spiritual leader extended his wishes and said, “Maha Shivratri is all about rising above your limitations; it is not the time to focus on petty things.”
As many as 150 foreigners are currently accommodated at Isha Yoga Foundation where they had come to attend various programmes, including for Shivaratri held on February 21.
“It is about rising to a place where people can see each other almost as divine beings because there is a possibility that human beings can transform their very existence. The way we are, our body, our mind, and emotions can be taken to another level,” Vasudev further added.
Health Department sources said that the medical examination was held on March 28. However, details of the medical examination, including type of test/screening done on foreigners were not available.