Ahead of Meghalaya elections, BJP state president Ernest Mawrie said that the saffron party has imposed no restriction on consuming beef, and that he eats beef and there is no problem in it.

In state election campaign in certain places where  BJP  campaigners to attaract chiritan voters call themselves as Bharthiya Jesus party 

“I eat beef and I am in BJP, there is absolutely no problem with this. I am assuring you that the people of Meghalaya are with the BJP this time,” he said.

In an interview to IANS, Mawrie said that since BJP came to power at the Union , there has been no attack on any church and that the party does not put any restriction on consuming beef.

He was responding to a question that weather people of Meghalaya, who predominantly follow Christianity, are ready to accept BJP’s hardliner stands on the beef ban, CAA, and other issues.

Marwie also expressed that the BJP will put out a “good show,” in the upcoming state assembly elections.

“This time, we have fielded candidates for all 60 seats in the state. We are expecting a good show, and after the poll result, we may look for parties whose hands are not immersed in corruption,” he said.

Marwie highlighted the “large-scale corruption” done by the National People’s Party (NPP) in the last five years and that the saffron party has “zero tolerance against corruption.”

“Through a lot of RTI applications we filed in the last year or so, we have seen how rampant corruption was going on in Meghalaya under the current regime. We have all records,” he said.

Meghalaya Assembly Elections are scheduled on 27 February 2023 to elect all 60 members of the legislative assembly. The results will be declared on March 2.