Narendara modi is the charm of BJP . His speeches attract more votes and new youth faces in to the party . 
But post corona what ever Modi does goes boomerang . Be it:
His call for clapping of Hand to get rid of corona virus  on March 22 ., 
His call to switch off light and with on light on April 5th to keep aaya evil effect of corona at exactly 9 PM ., 
Migrants treatment and Soaring unemployment  in India each month and His handling of Indian China border tensions at Ladak., 
His Handling of both Nepal and Pakistan after they come up with New maps that encroached  the landscape of India ., 
His Handling of Kashmir post abrogation of article370 that resulted in loss of peace in Jammu and Kashmir where both Indian security forces and Kashmir soil militants dies in hundreds 
maankibaat sploc

August 2002 Maran ki bath Narendra Modi and in this  speech within  24 hours it  earned more dislikes , to be specifically quote  at the the time of publication of article ) 67000 likes  vrs 460000 dislikes

His pose with peacock and country dog in Social media and Conversion of Center GST  Shortfall dues of Rs 1.5Lakhs Crores to states as Loan to states ., 
comments modi

Earlier PMO office asked to comment on Government but sensing the negative feedback they gets they refused the public to comment but by turning this off

[splco_youtube url=”” autoplay=”yes” title=”Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat with the Nation, August 2020 draws more dislikes “]
Adding to the injury now is his Mann Ki Baat radio  program where he used to interact with Indian Public via monologue ( only his Speech will be heard )
Selling spree of Profit making Navarathna companies such as BPCL and HAL etc.,