According to DGCA the passenger who unlocked the emergency door of an IndiGo flight last month was BJP’s Tejashvi Surya, the Congress claimed on Tuesday.

Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annamalai was also with Surya, the sitting MP from Bangalore South. As per the report, Surya and Annamalai sat on the first-row emergency exit seats on the right.

According to the passenger witness both were inebriated and giggling all along much to the frustration of the Airhostess  

Earlier today, aviation regulator the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that a passenger opened the emergency door creating a scare among passengers in IndiGo 6E flight 6E-7339 from Chennai to Tiruchirapalli. 

“The flight took off after pressurisation checks soon after. DGCA has ordered a probe into the matter,” it said.

Hours after this statement, Congress’ former media in-charge Randeep Surjewala in a tweet said: “The BJP VIP Brats! How dare the airline complain? Is it the norm for the BJP power elite? Did it compromise passenger safety? Ohhh! U can’t ask questions about BJP’s entitled VIP’s.”

Surjewala also shared a report which said it was Surya who unlocked the door.  Tamilnadu DMK government Electricity Minster senthil Balagi teased the duos as anxiety disorder and reminded the Rafale watch issue of Annamalai and tweeted

The report, citing co-passengers, said the plane was scheduled to take off at 10.05 am but was delayed by 142 minutes after Surya ‘accidentally’ pulled down the lever and unlocked the emergency exit. 

The cabin crew gave them a special briefing meant for the emergency row. “After the briefing, they started talking to each other and in a quick moment, MP Tejasvi Surya placed his hand on the lever as if holding a gripping handle of a car and pulled it down,” a co-passenger told South First.  

A DMK spokesperson told India Today that both BJP leaders were asked to deboard and wait inside the buses for over 30 minutes after the incident.

IndiGo in a statement said the passenger accidentally opened the emergency exit during the boarding process. The passenger immediately apologised for the action. 

As per SOPs, the airline said the incident was logged and the aircraft underwent mandatory engineering checks, which led to a delay in the flight’s departure.