Initially SP chief and former UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav also announced on Twitter that Samajwadi Party will support Congress in forming the government in Madhya Pradesh.Then Mayawati announced her support to Congress .
Besides, all the four independents are either Congress rebels or were somehow connected with the party. BJP won 109 seats and even with the support of four independents, it would have been three seats short of a simple majority.
The 15 year period ruled Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan taken stock of above development and on Wednesday announced his resignation and made it clear that BJP will not stake a claim to form a government in the state.
Emerging after a meeting with senior party leaders in Bhopal, Chouhan said BJP could not muster the numbers to form government and bow before the numerical strength on the other side.
This was in sharp contrast to the tweet by BJP chief Rakesh Singh at 1 AM in which he had said that Congress does not have the mandate and many independents and others are in touch with the BJP. He had also announced that BJP will meet the Governor on Wednesday.
Inside sources said Chouhan refused to accept Party high command Amit shah diktats to do wait and watch approach However, sources confirmed Chouhan refused to take that route but announced to submit the resignation of Chief Minister post and accept defeat
Congress, which has already won 114 of 230 assembly seats in a nail-biting electoral contest in Madhya Pradesh can now breathe easy as Chouhan put a perfect stop for horse trading
Though sections of BJP wanted to stake claim but others may not like to risk any dent in its image by dabbling in uncertainty just six months before next general elections.
Modi also taken weightage of developments and tweeted “We accept the people’s mandate with humility. I thank the people of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan for giving up the opportunity to serve these states…”,
Not to forget the bitter experiment of Karnataka is fresh, where it could not muster numbers despite being the single largest party as Congress and JDS came together quickly BJP now here 2nd party decided to play gentlemen game now .