[splco_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”30″]Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan  advocated the use of yoga, chants and music for treatment of coronavirus infections along with other existing systems of treatment.[/splco_heading]
“Many diseases are cured with love but when it comes to infections like COVID-19 even the mother can’t touch her son Said the CM of Madhya Pradesh .
So, along with the prevailing system of treatment, elemental practices in Indian traditions can be tried,” the BJP CM for Madhya pradesh said after holding a video conference with religious leaders.

Chouhan asked the leaders to send in their suggestions for alternative treatments.
[splco_quote]“Maybe we will come out with a module for treatment. It could even reduce the death rate,” he said, suggesting songs, bhajans and shlokas to boost the morale of COVID-19 patients.[/splco_quote]
The video interaction came a day after Chouhan announced that the BJP government will distribute 1 crore packets of 50-gram ayurvedic churan to build immunity.
The Congress had criticised the CM over Chouhan’s photograph on food packets. “People are dying of coronavirus but your hunger for publicity is not ebbing,” said former higher education minister and Congress leader Jeetu Patwari.