Pakistan is planning to deploy medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at Line of Control (LoC) to create further unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, according to reports.
Security agencies’ sources said that Pakistan is procuring Cai Hong-4 (CH-4) UAV from China in big numbers in order to unleash mayhem in Kashmir valley.
It has been learned that a 10 member-team of Pakistan Army led by Brigadier Mohammad Zafar Iqbal has visited China to review the procurement process.
The Pakistan Army team recently visited China for a factory acceptance test for items procured from Aerospace Long-March International Trade Company (ALIT) in China.
Iqbal had earlier visited China in December 2019 for the factory acceptance test of the first tranche of Cai Hong-4 for which delivery was to commence in 2020.
The CH-4 has a take-off mass between 1,200-1,300kg depending on the variant.
It can also carry a wide range of payloads. The UAV is already in service with military forces including the Iraqi Army and the Royal Jordanian Air Force.
A few days ago, intel reports had revealed that Pakistani Army Special Service Group (SSG) commandos are giving arms training to Talibani and Afghani terrorists in secret places of Afganistan.
The report added that these militants are planning to launch attacks on the security establishment and patrolling parties in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Son of the Soil in kashmir abhorred BJP led Modi Government abrogation of article 370 with out plebiscite .
Also post abolition of article 370 and even after one year non resume of Internet services in the valley  that crippled the economy of Kashmir and also  entire state under helm of army corridor causes enmity with Indian security forces by locals who turned as militants in large numbers  .
The report also claimed that different militants outfits thus sprung up in Kashmir were working in tandem with each other to launch terror attacks in the valley and facilitate the infiltration of trained professionals  from Pakistan.
Source : Syndicate Feed Asian news