War of words broke out between Congress and BJP over chopper accused Christian Michel’s alleged references.
Congress leaders hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi of unleashing a “malicious and vicious propaganda” against political opponents in the “dying days” of his government.
“I have never heard anything more absurd than what I have heard today and that too coming from ED as claimed before a court. The Modi government is guilty of malicious & vicious propaganda,” senior Congress leader Anand Sharma told reporters here.
Launching a sharp attack on the Congress, HRD Minister and senior BJP leader Prakash Javadekar said Michel’s revelations clearly pointed out towards involvement of “one family”.
“The story of loot of public money is coming out, Everything went to one family,” he alleged and accused the Congress of compromising with national security during the UPA rule.
“This all points to only one family,” Javadekar said referring to unclaimed reports that Michel had made reference to ‘Mrs Gandhi’, ‘son of Italian lady’, ‘big man R’ during interrogation by the ED.
Senior Congress leader and former Union minister R P N Singh accused the Modi government of exerting pressure on the investigating agencies to malign a particular family.
“We know that elections have come and they (BJP) do not have any issues, so through the ED, they are trying to put pressure on people,” he said.
Sharma slammed the Modi government for “brazen and shameless abuse of agencies of the state”.
“CBI has been wrecked, ED has no credibility left. These are actions of a government in its dying days. Agencies should act according to law.
There is no prosecution taking place. There is no evidence being produced,” Sharma said.  
But even  during  last leg of of election campaign for  the five states assembly where BJP has seen 5-0 worst whitewash .,  On the day of  custody of Chopper case accused Christian by CBI Prime Minister Narendara modi in his  election speech  has said important revelations  on Chopper deal will  emerge.