Impeechment move at one hand and permanent close twister account of Trump at another hand marked disgraceful exit of the outgoing American President Donald Trump
It Should be noted Modi and BJP supporters are ardently advocated Trump candidate during the president  election process in America   and Indian PM Modi throwing the protocol in air and conducted a extravaganza meeting in Cricket stadium in home and both Trump and Modi has praised each other in that meeting

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US President Donald Trump (L) and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrive to attend ‘Namaste Trump’ rally at Sardar Patel Stadium in Motera, on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, on February 24, 2020.

The unprecedented impeachment motion
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday Democrats are prepared to move forward with impeachment next week if President Donald Trump doesn’t resign, as momentum quickly built among House Democrats furious with Trump to hold an impeachment vote.
Following a Democratic caucus call earlier in the afternoon, Pelosi said in a statement that the House would “preserve every option,” including legislation to establish a commission under the 25th Amendment that could recommend Trump’s removal, in addition to impeachment. Final decisions on whether to impeach have not yet been made, Democratic sources said.
“It is the hope of Members that the President will immediately resign. But if he does not, I have instructed the Rules Committee to be prepared to move forward with Congressman Jamie Raskin’s 25th Amendment legislation and a motion for impeachment,” Pelosi said.
“Accordingly, the House will preserve every option  including the 25th Amendment, a motion to impeach or a privileged resolution for impeachment.”
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Government machinery worked round the clock and more than 20 million been spend by Indian government under Modi rule and also at that time erected 1000s of banners Enroute . In This picture Workers carry a hoarding with pictures of the U.S. President Donald Trump and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi as preparations are underway for Trump’s forthcoming ‘Namaste Trump’ event, in Ahmedabad, Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, was the first Senate Republican to call for Trump’s resignation on Friday.

“I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused enough damage,” Murkowski said in an interview with the Anchorage Daily News.


Sen. Ben Sasse, the Nebraska Republican who was an early critic of Trump’s election fraud rhetoric, told CBS Morning News he’d consider any articles of impeachment from the House.

“The House, if they come together and have a process, I will definitely consider whatever articles they might move because, as I’ve told you, I believe the President has disregarded his oath of office,” Sasse said Friday.

House Democrats plan to introduce their impeachment resolution on Monday, when the House next comes into session. The latest draft of the impeachment resolution, obtained by American media , includes one article of impeachment for “incitement of insurrection.”
The House Rules Committee is expected to meet Monday or Tuesday to approve a rule that would govern floor debate for an impeachment resolution and Raskin’s bill to create a new mechanism to invoke the 25th Amendment.
Under that timeline, an impeachment vote is possible by the middle of next week.
The unprecedented Twitter lifetime ban
Twitter has announced that it had permanently suspended the account of outgoing President Donald Trump due to “risk of further incitement of violence”, three days after his supporters stormed the US Capitol and five people died in the violence.
The unprecedented move by the California-based social media platform comes after Trump tweeted that he would not attend the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden on January 20.
At the time of permanent suspension, Trump had 88.7 million followers and followed 51 people.