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TN Engineering students at Corona time comes out with ROBOT prototype for patient monitoring

Kailash studying II year Mechatronics Engineering at Kumaraguru College of Technology in Coimbatore Tamilnadu  has formed  the team of students including Suryaprakash, Kanika Gayathri, Premkumar, Shanker Raj and Sri Suvetha CS from the same college in giving shape to their innovative idea.
The idea according to the young Engineers team is to built with data and image processing technology, the robot can offer better access in the collection of vitals and periodic monitoring of patients,” he added.
“The prototype developed by us is a fully automated patient monitoring robot incorporated with artificial intelligence and IoT concepts to serve, diagnose and disinfect the COVID-19 patients,” said S Kailash,
“Our ADTB can act as an interface between the healthcare professionals and patients, thereby reducing the risk of transmission.
The multilingual chatbot is equipped with sensors to record the temperature of patients, measure oxygen levels in the blood and detect wearing of masks by a person to ensure compliance.
It also can capture and analyse the vital details shown in a multi-parameter patient monitor in the intensive care unit.
TN young Engineering Students with their Prototype model

“The middle portion of the robot called ‘cluster’ can hold the sanitiser dispenser, pulse sensor and automatic tablet dispenser.
The identity of the admitted patient represented through QR code easily helps to connect with the medical history of the patients and their present status
The UV sterilizing chamber of the robot sterilizes the wards, apart from spraying organic disinfectants through spray channels fixed on either side of the robot thereby ensuring complete, automatic sanitation without human intervention,” the students claimed.
This ADTB is powered with a safe and non-combustible battery with an auto fast charging dock to recharge the battery without human help.
The prototype model has been well-received by medical professionals and the clinical trial has turned out to be a success.
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