Sonia Gandhi lambasted Modi government on 39th day of farmer protest

Even as the farmers’ agitation against the farm laws entered the 39th day, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Sunday attacked the Modi government for its harsh attitude towards the protestors.

Urging the Centre to repeal the contentious laws, Sonia Gandhi said that the government’s stand is tantamount to arrogance and it must recognize that the true meaning of democracy is to protect the rights and interests of the farmers and workers.  

“In this biting cold and rain, our farmers have been protesting on the borders of Delhi for 39 days now. 

Their plight is a matter of great concern,” she said.  “More than 50 farmers have lost their lives because of the government’s harsh attitude towards the protests. 

So far 50 farmers died and if Jan 4th talks fails farmers decided to go tractor Yatra on Republic Day

Some have even committed suicide. Neither has this moved the Modi government or any of its ministers, nor have they uttered a word of consolation. 

I offer my tribute to those who have passed away and prayers and strength to their families,” she added.  

Calling the BJP-led NDA government “the first arrogant government to have come to power that doesn’t care for the farmers who feed, let alone citizens”, Sonia said, 

“The government must let go of its ego and repeal the three farm laws and bring an end to the protests. 

The true meaning of democracy is protecting the interests of the farmers and workers, the Modi government should learn that.”  

She said  the Modi government was practising a policy of “tire them out and drive them away”. 

“But our farmers will not bend before them,” she asserted.  

Sonia’s statement comes a day after a farmer at the UP-Delhi border allegedly committed suicide, and farmers’ unions gave an ultimatum to the government to repeal the laws before January 26 or face the consequences.   

The unions in a joint statement on Saturday said that if the government does not fulfil their demands, they will launch a nationwide satyagraha.  

Congress President Sonia Gandhi statement came on the day of The seventh round of talks between the representatives of various farmers’ unions and the government that is  is scheduled on Monday 4 January 

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